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Another Signing with Superstar Lionel Messi! are delighted to confirm that Lionel Messi has once again put pen to product at the latest of our official signing sessions with the global superstar.

The private signing session took place in Paris on December 16th, 2021 at which Messi signed a vast array of incredible pieces including shirts, boots, balls and photos.

Messi-signed FC Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain and Argentina shirts are available to buy online now in our official and exclusive FC BarcelonaUEFA Champions League and FIFA World Cup memorabilia collections.

We all know that Messi needs no introduction but it’s impossible not to marvel at his superhuman ability and hall of fame playing record. Now plying his trade at PSG, Messi has been the focal point of some of European football’s most deadly attacks in every season he has played.

Breaking over 20 records at FC Barcelona, including the club’s all-time goalscoring record and winning the Ballon d’Or more than any other player, Messi now set his sights on breaking records in France at another of the world’s biggest clubs.

As Lionel Messi’s official and exclusive worldwide signing partner and licensee, we at pride ourselves on the fact that we have been signing with him since the age of 17. That’s almost 20 years of signing with one of the world’s greatest ever players.

All Official Messi Signed Merchandise comes with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) that shows Messi signing the item in question at our session, as well as detailing the date and location of the signing. The COA is officially branded and created under license by Icons Shop Limited.

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The private signing session took place in Paris on 16th December 2021 where Messi signed a vast array of incredible pieces including shirts, boots, balls and photos.

Messi signed Barcelona, PSG, Argentina shirts are available to buy online now not only in sleek presentation options but also in our official and exclusive FC BarcelonaUEFA Champions League and FIFA World Cup memorabilia collections.

We all know that Messi needs no introduction but it’s impossible not to marvel at his vast ability and playing record. Now plying his trade at PSG, Messi has been the focal point of Barcelona’s attack force in every season he has played.

Breaking over 20 records at Barcelona, including becoming their all time top goal scorer and winning the most Ballon d’Or awards, Messi will no set his sights on breaking some records in France, which we are sure he will.

As Icons are Lionel Messi’s official and exclusive worldwide signing partner and licensee, we pride ourselves on the fact that we have been signing with him since the age of 17. That’s almost 20 years of signing with the worlds greatest player.

All Official Messi Signed Merchandise comes with a Certificate of Authenticity that shows Messi signing one of the items at the session, as well as the date and location of the signing. The COA is Messi branded and created under license by Icons.

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FC Barcelona & Spain Legend Xavi Signs for!

Today we are excited to announce the latest iconic name to sign memorabilia for former FC Barcelona and Spain midfield maestro Xavi!

Signing behind closed doors at a private session in Qatar on February 8th this year, Xavi added his signature to a wide range of incredible new items, including shirts, photos, boots, balls and more. 

Alongside his countryman Andres Iniesta, Xavi stood out among a number of truly great players during a spell of unprecedented success for both his club and country. A midfielder with a unique ability to make his complex role in an elaborate system look as easy as a walk in the park, Xavi was best at controlling the tempo of a match with his spectacular vision and range of passing.

Xavi signed FC Barcelona and Spain memorabilia will be available to buy not only in our sleek presentation options but also in our official and exclusive FC Barcelona, UEFA Champions League, UEFA EURO 2020 and FIFA World Cup memorabilia ranges.

The full range of Xavi signed memorabilia is available to buy now exclusively from!

Each and every item of Xavi signed memorabilia will come with an official Certificate of Authenticity, which serves as your proof that Xavi’s signature is 100% authentic and was genuinely signed by the man himself during this private signing session, organised by our dedicated signing team.

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This is, we are Official. Authentic. Exclusive.

From Our CEO: The Inside Story of Diego & Icons

Take it from me: Diego Maradona was unlike any other footballer and unlike any other person we have ever dealt with. It’s true, he was at times difficult, tempestuous and unreliable but he was also unquestionably charismatic, astonishing and unique.

From first contact to the present day, as we launch our ultimate and exclusive range of Maradona signed memorabilia, this is just part of the extraordinary story of our relationship with the man, the myth and the legend that is Diego Armando Maradona.

I first met Diego in Buenos Aires in May 2010. Those at the company who had previous with him knew we needed to give him about a week to get around to doing a signing session – and even then nothing was guaranteed. In fact, there was one time our team had flown from the UK to Argentina with hundreds of items in tow only to find Diego had left town, without word, for a nine-day holiday.

So you could say I knew I would need to be on my toes for this trip. How much? Well, there we were, the Icons signing team, out drinking past midnight in the fashionable Palermo district of one of the world’s most exciting cities, enjoying what we thought was a night off. The phone rang. ‘Diego will see you now.’

We raced back to the hotel, grabbed as many items as we could carry and jumped in a cab to, of all places, Diego Maradona’s mum’s house. We entered a darkly-lit front room – not exactly the most bizarre setting for a signing but certainly up there – when all of a sudden he emerged, like the human deity he was.

Icons CEO Dan Jamieson at Diego’s house in Dubai

Once he’d figured out who we were, he was as charismatic as you’d expect, posing for photos and generally loving being the centre of attention. The signing went smoothly and even included a special request for a dedication for a certain Mr Wayne Rooney. This was mid 2010 and Diego was the manager of Argentina, shouldering hopes of leading Lionel Messi and his teammates to FIFA World Cup glory in South Africa. Sadly for both Diego and Lionel – and Wayne, too – that wasn’t quite to be.

Even back then Icons had a worldwide-exclusive signing contract with Diego and with him we conducted a further two sessions after he’d moved to Dubai. It would be nice to say that signings with Diego were always hassle-free but this blog is about the truth of our relationship.

On one occasion it took a full week to get our items signed as he had fired all his team and suddenly wasn’t taking any visitors. A couple of years after we’d completed our two-session contract we tried to re-engage with him and were given the green light to buy stock in readiness for another signing only for the phone lines to go cold. For three years we were left with boxes and boxes of unsigned shirts, boots and photos, obliged also to return payments to our pre-order customers. 

After that we waited. And so did you.

Fast forward to 2018 and Diego is managing Dorados de Sinaloa in Mexico. So I reach out to a good friend of ours, Emilio, who is a top commercial agent in Mexico City. And so begun a 20-month-long negotiation to get Diego to come back and be an Icon again.

The phone rang. ‘Diego will see you now.’

I was sure we had it done in the spring of 2019. He was all due to sign a contract that was sat on his desk but first, and very reasonably, he had to concentrate on his side’s promotion campaign, the highs and eventual lows of which can be seen in painstaking detail on Netflix. Too tired and emotional after (spoiler alert!) losing in the final, he left Mexico entirely, returning to Argentina for urgent hip-replacement surgery.

The trail had gone cold again.

Sometimes in our line of work the most effective solutions are the simplest and most obvious. So, in May last year, that torrid excuse for a year we call 2020, we gave up on nuanced negotiations and just asked plain and simple: ‘Diego… what’s your price?’

By now the world had all but closed down due to Covid-19. And while we usually attend all our private signing sessions, we had to adapt to the difficult circumstances around us. We had a signed and agreed contract so we were able to send the shirts, photos, boots and balls directly to Diego via shipping agents – all in all they took about a month to arrive. 

Diego with Icons’ Chairman Edward Freedman in May 2010

Finally, on August 5th 2020 we had what we were all waiting for: confirmation. It came in the form of a gallery of photos and videos of Diego putting pen to product. He even signed and A1 Sporting Memorabilia boards, which we now hang proudly in our office. 

True to form, Diego signed our products while smoking a big fat cigar and listening to boisterous Latin music. He even managed to send back a shirt with a hole in it that had been singed by that very cigar. “Well, you can’t argue that’s not authentic!” our warehouse team said.

The first shipment made it all back in one piece and we were able to fulfil all the pre-orders we had sold both on our site and to our wholesale customers around the world.

The second shipment was sent out to Argentina in September and they remained mostly unsigned until after Diego’s brain surgery. To his eternal credit, he spent part of his rehabilitation in the days that followed signing the remainder of our products. What a legend. 

He even managed to send back a shirt with a hole in it that had been singed by that very cigar.

We were working on shipping them back, approaching the end of another successful signing, when we heard the awful news of his tragic and untimely death.

In the difficult moments that followed for our staff who, along with so many around the world, were only just processing the very sad news, we knew we had to make a number of quick and ultimately respectful decisions.

We took down all pre-order products but kept the other items we had live on the site. We decided not to change the prices, not to remove unframed items and not to block any of the discounts codes we’d issued to our loyal customers to what was then the run-up to Black Friday. As such we sold out of every Diego signed item we still had within 29 minutes of the news breaking.

As you can imagine it has been a slow, difficult and expensive operation to secure, package and return all the signed items in our second shipment. Dr Matias Morla, one of Diego’s lawyers, has been very helpful throughout and it’s testament to the long-term relationship we have with Diego and his team that we were able to work closely with them even in those dreadful weeks after his passing.

The items finally left Argentina in the week before Christmas and we were eagerly awaiting their arrival when we got the news from our shipping agent that all the boxes had been lost at Heathrow Airport. 

After a sharp intake of breath we sent a polite request to please, please, please go back and check again. This was precious cargo of the highest order. The boxes were found then the van sending them to our warehouse broke down. It was Christmas Eve and quite frankly, we were feeling very done with 2020 on the whole.

The reason I wanted to illustrate all this is to try to explain the lengths we go to in bringing our loyal audience the world’s best signed products. Sometimes the job we do is easy and glamorous and takes a week or two from start to finish. Sometimes it takes twenty-one years.

Today, on Monday the 1st of February 2021 we will be proud and excited – and yes, mournful too – to launch our ultimate range of authentic and official Diego Maradona signed products. 

We have ensured all our pre-order customers have their orders fulfilled, and we are putting the framed items we took down on the day of his death back up at the original prices. We are also introducing a whole new range of Maradona products, with our signed Puma King boots, signed retro FC Barcelona shirts, signed photos and classic signed 1986 Argentina shirts. We’ve also been working with our partners at Getty Images, Llewellyn Illustrations, Toffs and Opus to add yet more items to that core range.

Icons is the only place to buy genuine products hand-signed by Diego. As our agent Sport & Life commented: “We must be proud that it was the last contract he signed, and that he worked on it to the end.” 

We will miss working with our friend Diego. Through it all and to the end he was iconic in every way.

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Behind the Signing: Roberto Carlos and Rivaldo sign for Icons!

Here at, we are very lucky to get to work with the world’s best footballers. It’s something we’re immensely proud of and at our most recent signing session we added two new names to our unbeatable roster. So, here’s what happened when we met the legendary Brazilian duo of Roberto Carlos and Rivaldo.

The summer is a busy time of year in the world of football. Though there’s little to no action on the pitch, clubs across the country and around the world are hard at work signing players for the season ahead. But, on Friday July 14th, in a plush hotel in central London, captured the signatures of the two summer recruits to beat them all. We signed Brazilian legends Roberto Carlos and Rivaldo.

Known the world over for their style and flair on the pitch, this iconic pair were two of the world’s very best players during the 90s and 00s. Meeting the duo for the first time was an eye-opening experience as we shared time between their duties at the Star Sixes tournament – a meeting of some of the greatest names in world football.

It was an early start for us all but by 9am we were buzzing to meet two absolute legends. First up: Roberto Carlos.

The signing happened very quickly, as we got word the former Real Madrid full-back was ready for action. Instructed to nip up to the 11th floor and join him in his room, our team – well-versed in the art of a speedy signing session – got things underway. As self-confessed kit nerds, seeing all sorts of historic shirts, boots, balls and photos was a sight to behold. But seeing them personally signed by a FIFA World Cup and three-time UEFA Champions League winner made it all the more exciting.

During this time, we reflected on what a great player Roberto Carlos was; a truly unique defender who lit up the game. How much would the powerful defender cost in 2017, we wonder? A stalwart of Real Madrid, Carlos still holds Los Blancos‘ record for appearances made by a foreign player. No mean feat when you consider the Galaticos that have passed through that great club.

After a few quick pictures with Roberto we were out the door ready and raring for the arrival of Rivaldo.

As we got the lift down to the lobby, former Liverpool, West Ham and Portsmouth goalkeeper David James stepped in to greet us. The legendary England shot stopper had a quick chat with our team and we wished him luck for the tournament. Luck that didn’t quite catch, mind, as an England team even featuring Steven Gerrard couldn’t win the tournament on home soil. We make it 51 years of hurt now…

Of course, our team are no strangers to footballing superstars but a day up close and personal with this many legends of the game was still one to relish. Topping it off: FC Barcelona and AC Milan hero Rivaldo.

A true gentleman, the 1999 Ballon d’Or winner breezed through our signing session with every bit of the class he brought to the football pitch. Still as lean and fit as ever, the legendary attacker gave great care and attention to the products he was signing – fastidiously dotting his i’s and paying particular regard to ensuring he signed with the correct squad number. We signature buffs loved that!

Adding his beautiful autograph to a superb collection of items, it was time for Rivaldo to be whisked away to face China at the nearby O2 Arena. Three-nil or four-nil for Brazil, we asked. It wouldn’t be that easy, he replied quite diplomatically.

It was 7-0.


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It’s official! Eden Hazard joins the Icons family!

Icons Shop Limited is delighted to announce that Eden Hazard has signed an exclusive deal with the world’s leading signed football memorabilia company.

A fans’ favourite, the Chelsea and Belgium star is twice a Premier League winner and will feature in Icons’ flagship memorabilia ranges: our official UEFA Champions League range and official FIFA World Cup collection.

Hazard commented: “It is great to be part of the Icons family and I am looking forward to working with them for the coming season, especially with the 2018 World Cup in Russia coming up.”

The new exclusive Eden Hazard signed range will be sold on and its sister site, as well as on, and in Harrods.

Icons was awarded the world’s first ever signed football memorabilia licence by FIFA in 2010 to produce a range of signed iconic World Cup products. In July 2012, we were awarded the first ever official licence for the UEFA Champions League and last year announced a licensing deal with the England FA. We have exclusive contracts with the world’s most famous international and UK players such as Lionel Messi and Dele Alli and enjoy long term relationships with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Diego Maradona and Neymar Jr.

Dan Jamieson, CEO of Icons, said: “Icons’ promise is that our products are “signed by the world’s best” and Eden is certainly one of the world’s best footballers. It’s a match made in heaven.

“We are delighted that Eden is now an Icon and we can bring a 100% authentic signed memorabilia range to his fans around the world. Authenticity is everything to us, as it is everything to our customers.”

Having swept four trophies in five seasons since joining Chelsea from French side Lille in the summer of 2012, Eden Hazard has developed into one of the Premier League‘s most exciting and most technically-gifted players. Collecting numerous individual awards along the way, Hazard‘s explosive style has attracted a multitude of praise from fellow professionals, managers, coaches, fans and pundits alike.

His talent was no more evident than in 2014-15 when, as leading light for Belgium, he reached the quarter-finals of the 2014 FIFA World Cup before returning to England to win the Premier League and the Capital One Cup as well as the PFA and FWA’s Player of the Year awards.

A further title-winning turn in 2016-17 has cemented his place as one of the world’s most sought-after talents, a player of remarkable natural talent whose stock is only rising by the day.

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Anatomy of An Icons Signing: Behind The Scenes With


Earlier this year we invited our friends from the football price comparison site to come with us to a signing with one of the world’s best footballers. It just so happened that player was Barcelona‘s Argentinean superstar and global phenomenon Lionel Messi. From the blog, here’s what Michael Lowdon thought of one our sessions with the world’s best…

As I drove down the A1 in torrential rain to HQ, another wet day in the North East lay ahead. Or so I thought. By 10pm I was in Barcelona, enjoying a warm night, as the atmosphere of the UEFA Champions League clash with Atletico Madrid spilled out of the Nou Camp and onto the city’s streets. Our friends over at had given us an invite to join them in the Catalan capital to get an insight into the workings of a player signing session. The player in question: Mr Lionel Messi.

Home of one of the best club sides in the history of the game, with arguably the greatest player to have kicked a football, the journey to the airport required regular pinching.

Being a frequent visitor to the website, I was intrigued to see what goes on behind the scenes at a signing. After meeting Ali and Ben at Heathrow, the first task was to help with checking in of a number of packed suitcases, all of which were full to the brink with Messi memorabilia to be signed. From his latest adidas boot collection to a range of Barcelona and Argentina shirtsUEFA Champions League balls and glossy photo prints, the Icons team took a wide range of products ready for the Argentine’s penwork.

Once we had landed in Barcelona, the breathless Catalan commentary of the night’s match blared through the taxi’s radio, as we used our best broken Spanish to get the driver on our side. The hotel Icons put us up in was a stone’s throw away from the Camp Nou, meaning towards the end of journey the surrounding streets were filled with endless queues of mopeds, carrying relieved and joyous Cules late into the night. After more trolley pushing and the hotel bellboy’s help, we retired to the hotel bar, filled with the debate between fans. A quick night cap and a briefing for the next day’s signing rounded off a day which had started with a quiet, rainy morning in the office.

Untitled-1 check out our signing photos – a key for authenticity

With signing day upon us, there was no time for a lie in and we were locked away in the hotel’s store room, preparing the cases and deciding what needed to be taken as a priority. It was the “less glamourous side of the signings” I was told, but as a Messi disciple and football merch geek I was like a pig in muck! Selections of football shirts and boots were asking to be jumped into and drooled over. Composed and professional, I managed to hide my excitement, just. As the deadline loomed, we met player liaison officer Jesus, Icons Founder Edward and CEO Dan outside of the Barcelona training ground and dissected Atleti’s defensive resilience, which would help them later progress to the semi final. Bumping into Pep’s superstar agent brother Pere Guardiola and a handful of other important figures, the team were escorted into the training centre to get the session underway.


Messi is delighted to receive a shirt signed by fellow Icon Wayne Rooney

Having been signed to Icons for over a decade, making it one of his longest running commercial relationships, Messi knows what to expect when he’s faced with another Icons memorabilia signing session and he quickly got about his business. Icons exclusively produce the official Messi signed range as part of their license with the Argentine superstar. He breaks from the rhythm of signing to get his photo lifting a signed Wayne Rooney shirt that he’s received from the England captain, smiling with that grin we’ve come to recognise after more than 500 career goals.

The session draws to a close with Messi needed elsewhere – those five Ballon d’Ors won’t polish themselves you know. With yet another successful session in the bag, we retreat back to the hotel bar as the team celebrate. Messi is just one of a glittering list of current players which sign for Icons, including Neymar Jr, Luis Suarez, Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, Sergio Aguero and many more. Not a bad forward line to have on your books! As the dust settles from the Messi signing, we relax with a meal in the shadow of La Sagrada Familia, unwinding as each Wolfsburg goal against Real Madrid raises a roar from the locals. We could get used to this!

Icons and join the fans outside the Barcelona training ground

Icons and join the fans outside the Barcelona training ground

It’s been a whirlwind 48 hours for, but for Icons it’s simply another day at the office. They’ll do it all again before long, as they met Eric Cantona in Lisbon and Gareth Bale in Madrid before April comes to end. The team also reveal which players are on their radar to sign next, what affects their choice and whether the enigmatic Ronaldinho is within their grasp.

From logistically planned trolley runs to preparing products for smoother signings, it’s all in a day’s work, in the crazy job that is chasing footballers around the world. As has come to realise, there’s a story behind every signing. We can’t thank Icons enough for inviting us along to their private signing session with the most in demand footballer on the planet. The care and effort they put into organising every aspect of the signing, from their planning, unrivalled authenticity they strive for and their relationships with players is something to be inspired by.

FOOTY.COM is the UK’s leading price comparison when it comes to everything football. We specialise in searching the web to bring you the best prices and biggest savings on products from boots to balls and everything in between. Shop with FOOTY.COM to pay less and play more!

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England’s Next Big Star! Dele Alli Becomes Icons’ First Summer Signing


It took Dele Alli just six months to go from League One side Milton Keynes Dons to England’s next big thing. Six months. Such is the determination and natural talent of Tottenham Hotspur’s fearless box-to-box midfielder, just recently turned 20-years-old, that he has made the step up from third tier terrier to topflight superstar without skipping a beat.

Alli has a composure and assurance on the ball that belies his age and suggests a burgeoning talent some have already compared to Premier League legend Steven Gerrard. With ten goals and nine assists in what has been the mother of all breakout seasons, Alli has been deployed as a defensive midfielder, in a holding role, and shadowed the likes of forwards Harry Kane and Son Heung-Min. For many youngsters looking to forge a long career in the Premier League, this constant shifting and tinkering might have been unsettling. But very little appears to faze Alli.

With this in mind, it came as no surprise to our team that Alli would breeze into his first ever professional signing session, calm, cool and ready to sign our fantastic range of Tottenham and England shirts and photos, Adidas boots and UEFA Champions League balls.

While Alli signed our fantastic range of Spurs photos, we were reminded of his immediate impact on Pochettino’s exciting young squad this season. It was such a huge impact, in fact, that he won the 2015-16 PFA Young Player of the Year award. It was deserved recognition for a season in which the midfielder impressed so many onlookers, including global superstar and England legend David Beckham.

“He’s just jumping on the bandwagon,” a member of his team joked, with a broad smile spreading across his face. It was the first irreverent comment of an easy-going signing session with one of football’s coolest young talents, who joins the likes Lionel Messi Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr and Sergio Aguero in signing with us before the age of 22.

Though Alli‘s Spurs were unable to catch runaway Premier League champions Leicester City – and we can still hardly believe we’re writing those words – the 2015-16 season will be regarded as one of the North London side’s very best. With UEFA Champions League qualification secured for 2016-17 and a feel-good factor around the club, Spurs fans could be forgiven for wishing away the summer.

ICDASS2-Dele-Alli-Back-Signed-Tottenham-Hotspur-2015-16-Home-Shirt HOLDING

But before the club can embark on a new and exciting season, there is the little matter of UEFA EURO 2016, a competition to which Roy Hodgson will take Alli and several of his Spurs teammates in the hopes of chasing continental glory. And there is quiet optimism both in and around the dressing room.

Just days before Hodgson confirmed the 20-year-old’s place in the provisional 26-man squad for this summer’s festival of football in FranceAlli was keeping himself grounded. Adding his signature to this summer’s England home shirt and photos of his appearances against Estonia and GermanyAlli assured us he was still just hoping to make the squad, despite being one of only two players rated by the bookmakers as 1/100 shots to make the plane.

ICDAES3-Dele-Alli-Back-Signed-England-2015-16-Home-Shirt SMILING

That said, EURO 2016 fever is still very much bubbling under the surface. Major international tournaments will never fail to inspire and excite this football-mad nation but we at Icons can already feel a palpable sense of anticipation that this year may just be the year. If the exploits of Leicester and the meteoric rise to fame of our new signing have taught us anything about football in 2016, it’s that nothing is impossible.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves…


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Look Who’s Back! Gareth Bale Completes His Fourth Icons Signing Session


Here at, we’re proud to say we work with the world’s best footballers. From Lionel Messi to Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr to James Rodriguez, Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard, Luis Suarez and, of course, the greats of bygone years; Pele, Diego Maradona, Eric Cantona and many, many more. But no list of the world’s best and brightest can be complete without the most expensive player in the history of the game.

That’s why our team swapped the warmth and sunshine of North London with the dreary grey and rainy skies of Madrid to meet Welsh wing wizard Gareth Bale for yet another exclusive signing session. Arriving in Spain to the news that the race for La Liga supremacy was to get yet tighter after victories for each of the top three, we were far from surprised to find that all the locals wanted to talk about was football. Not that they ever need an excuse.


Upon hearing that we were in town to meet the 27-year-old Real Madrid winger for a signing, the taxi drivers, barmen and hotel staff who help smoothen our journeys around the world were keen to stress the Welshman’s importance to a team still very much on the hunt for a league and UEFA Champions League double. History beckons for Gareth and his Castilian cohorts. Not only would a UEFA Champions League triumph bring the club the ultimate European glory for the 11th time, a La Liga title would have them move on to a record 33 Spanish championships.

And what with UEFA EURO 2016 on the horizon, it’s no wonder our friend was in high spirits.

To the dulcet tones of Tom Jones, our session began in earnest. Adding his signature to our fantastic range of brand new products, Gareth happily chatted away about life in the Spanish capital, the Premier League’s unlikely title tussle, his love for golf and, naturally, the challenges that lie ahead.Gareth-Bale-Photo-FramesAlthough there is much to look forward to, this was also a great time for Gareth to take a look back on some of the crowning moments of his sparking career. Signing our excellent range of 16 x 12 inch photos, the Welshman was reminded of his six momentous years at Tottenham Hotspur, where he scored 42 goals in 146 matches and won back-to-back PFA Players’ Player of the Year awards and the PFA Young Player of the Year and FWA Player of the Year. When asked about the race for the title in EnglandGareth admitted that although he wants his old club to claim top spot in the Premier League, he can’t help but be swept up in the incredible story that is Leicester City.

After all, this is a man who lives for sport. In fact, much of the signing session was spent discussing his other big passion in life: golf. While continuing to autograph our brand new range of Real Madrid and Spurs shirtsGareth spoke with great passion about his love for the game of golf; his amazement at Jordan Spieth’s collapse at The Masters a few months ago; his joy at seeing a British winner of that hallowed major; and his own experiences on the courses in and around the Spanish capital (the winger’s handicap is six, for those who are interested).


“So, do you play any other sports?” Gareth is asked. “Well, football,” comes his cheeky response. We’re starting to get the feeling that Gareth is really loving life at the moment. And what with UEFA EURO 2016 not far off, the Cardiff-born speedster is extremely confident in Wales‘ chances. Laughing away as he shares in some friendly EnglandWales banter, Gareth says he expects his compatriots to spring a few upsets at this summer’s festival of football in France.

Having this season surpassed Gary Lineker to become La Liga’s all-time highest scoring Brit, Gareth has every reason to feel confident. After all, the world’s most expensive footballer is only getting better; scoring more goals, providing yet more stunning assists and coasting past full-backs with his ultra quick turn of pace. In GarethWales has one of the stars of the tournament. So, watch out England.


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